How does a tire pump work?

No one likes having a flat tire. So how does a tire pump work? There are different types of pumps that can be used to fill up tires. The most common pump for automotive applications is the positive displacement compressor (PDC). The PDC is used in places like mechanic garages. In addition, this style is … Read more

Does a flat tire need to be replaced?

Have you ever said to yourself, “does a flat tire need to be replaced?” Odds are you or someone you know has had a flat tire. Either you wake up in the morning to drive to work and come out to find your car is sitting lopsided. Upon further inspection one of your tires is … Read more

Myliftstands review – How to get 10% off

Have you ever used Myliftstands? If you work on vehicles you know that jacking up a car can be a tedious process. You jack the car up but seldom have enough clearance to work on anything. While you can typically get jack stands pretty high it isn’t recommended to max out the stand. As the … Read more

General Motors redesigns its logo 50 years later

General Motors has made the first significant logo redesign since 1964. The new logo is part of a marketing campaign, titled “Everybody In.” The automaker is really pushing towards a larger electric vehicle market. With that idea, they changed their logo to better represent their electric vehicle stance. Looking at the new logo you can … Read more

What is the best 4k dash cam?

Are you wondering what is the best 4k dash cam? Having a dashcam can save you a lot of trouble. If you have ever been in a wreck you know that there are always two sides to every story. Even if the other person claims you were in the wrong you can prove your innocence … Read more

How to stop a brake line leak

Brakes are one of the most important components of a vehicle. If you can’t stop your vehicle you are going to be in for a bad day. Some ask how to stop a brake line leak. The best option would be to have your car towed to your nearest mechanic. There your mechanic will be … Read more

Why should you change oil yourself?

Have you ever wondered why you should change oil yourself? It seems like taking your car to a local mechanic shop would be easier than changing it yourself. While having someone else change your oil may seem like the best route there are some benefits if you change your oil yourself. Depending on if you … Read more

What tire pressure is too low?

Have you ever wondered what tire pressure is too low? Tires are made to operate at a certain pressure range. Having too little or too much pressure can have adverse effects. Based on the information you can find out how much air you need in your tire. Why tire pressure is important Having the correct … Read more

Toyota just made a Targa Top MKV Supra

If you are a fan of the MKIV Toyota Supra with the Targa Top then you’re going to love Toyota’s new one-off Supra. The 2020 Supra takes a trip to the Toyota Racing garage for some cool customizations. This special Supra already has all of the bells and whistles of the Heritage version. This includes … Read more

Cars get wedged in a tractor-trailer full of lettuce

California police closed the highway just south of Templin Highway in Castaic, California due to a crash. There were three vehicles involved but no major injures. It’s not sure how the crash happened but a tractor-trailer full of lettuce got overturned. Two passenger vehicles that were following along managed to get partially wedged inside the … Read more