Are those 80eighty giveaways real?

If you are here then you are probably interested in the 80eighty giveaways. Although you may be asking “Are those 80eighty giveaways real?” It makes sense to question how buying an entry for a few dollars can actually turn out to you buying a supercar.

What is 80eighty?

80eighty is an online retailer that sells automotive-related clothing and accessories. They are well known for their supercar and cash giveaways. They have given away cars like the Lamborghini Aventador and a McLaren 720s.

Are those 80eighty giveaways real? Yes, they are. They have given away tons of cars and cash. You can even check out past winners on their site. Whether you are just looking for car merch or want to enter to win the car of your dreams you can rest assured that the 80eighty giveaways are legit.

How to enter an 80eighty giveaway

Want to win the car of your dreams? Now is your chance! It is very simply to get entries into an 80eighty giveaway. SImply head over to and purchase some merch. For each dollar spent you get automatic entries into the car giveaway.

At the time of writing this article they are giving away a widebody Nissan GTR and $40,000 cash. Purchase a shirt or a keychain and you can automatically entered to win.

Are those 80eighty giveaways real?

If you want to win a supercar and some cash then get your entries to win. The cars are real. The cash is real. The giveaways are real and you could be driving off with an exotic sports car. Shop and enter the current giveaway.

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