A semi-truck has a close call on an icy road

Driving on icy roads is difficult to manage in any vehicle. It’d even worse when you are driving a fully loaded tractor-trailer weighing 80,000lb. One semi-truck driver had a close call while driving on a frozen highway.


In the video below we first see a semi jack-knifed onto the side of the road. Luckily the truck stopped and didn’t cause any fatalities. While the truck is on the side of the road another semi passes by.

After the second truck maneuvres around the jackknifed tractor-trailer, it starts to loses grip. It sways back and forth nearly hitting a sheriff’s SUV. Luckily the driver seems to be well trained because he managed to keep the truck on the road.

The video ends with multiple cars off the road. Needless to say, you should always take it slow when you are driving in extreme conditions. Luckily no one was hurt. Have you ever driven on icy roads? Let us know in the comments below!

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