A Youtuber destroys his $93k Ram TRX

Youtubers are known for doing some pretty extravagant things. This is even more so when they are trying to get more views. Although we’ve been watching the Youtuber Streetspeed717 for a while know and he seems pretty genuine. That’s why when we saw him jump and destroy his Ram TRX it hurt our soul a little.

Streetspeed717, aka Mike, took his Ram 1500 TRX offroad. Previously he jumped his Raptor over a creek in the same area. He did so at a slower speed which didn’t really cause any damage. Although the day he took his TRX things didn’t turn out as well.

On the first go his truck was slipping a bit. He decided to abandon the first run. Although on the second run he had a good amount of speed. When he hit the jump he floored it which shot the truck into the air. He had wheels and weights in the bed to prevent the truck’s nose from diving into the ground. Although it didn’t do so well because the front of the truck rammed down into the dirt.

The jump caused the skid plate to get smashed, the front bumper to get damaged, and made the rear window completely shattered. Needless to say, the truck is pretty destroyed. Maybe they weren’t able to get parts or maybe the truck wasn’t worth it so in a newer video they ended up setting the truck on fire.

While it makes good publicity I’m not sure if I would do this to my $93k truck. What are your thoughts? Let us know in the comments below!


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