Where are the Corvette C8 jacking points?

Are you working on a new Chevrolet Corvette C8? You might be wondering where are the C8 jacking points. Most cars can be lifted where the reinforced pinch welds are. Although Corvette C8s have specific places to lift the vehicle.

The Corvette C8 is a mid-engine vehicle which means a good portion of the weight is in the rear of the car. Make sure that the car is lifted correctly so the car doesn’t fall off of the jack stands. There are four places where the car should be lifted.

If you try to jack up the car on any other portion of the body you could end up causing damage. This lift points are designed to be able to support the vehicle without damaging body panels or underside parts.

Where are the C8 jacking points? There are two lifting slots right behind the front control arms and two lifting slots right before the rear control arms.

Before you lift the car with any old jack stands you’ll need to make sure that you have the correct adapters. There is a slot at the lift points that allows you to place a puck or an adapter. These pucks insert into the slot and help support the vehicle.

Best tools for lifting your C8

If you were to use a standard jack you could end up damaging the car. Rennstands or Myliftstands are great tools to help lift your C8 Corvette. Rennstands have adapters that support the C8 corvette and various other models. The great thing about Rennstands is your lifting point and jack stand point are in the same area.

With Rennstands you don’t have to worry about jacking your car up and finding a place for your jack stands. You never want to crawl under a car that is only supported by a hydraulic jack. Hydraulic jacks can fail and if you are under the vehicle you could get pinned. By having Rennstands or standard jack stands you can get added level of protection. Check out how you can save $20 on a set of Rennstands.

Another option with jacking up your C8 Corvette is Mylifstands. These Myliftstands don’t require any adapters. Your wheels sit in a cradle. This lifts your safely without the risk of harming your body or underside components.

Myliftstands sit underneath your wheels and give you 14″ of space to work underneath your car. You can do things like change your oil and other regular maintenance while your car is safely secure on the stands. Check out our how you can save $40 on a set of Myliftstands.


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