Myliftstands review – How to get 10% off

Have you ever used Myliftstands? If you work on vehicles you know that jacking up a car can be a tedious process. You jack the car up but seldom have enough clearance to work on anything. While you can typically get jack stands pretty high it isn’t recommended to max out the stand. As the car gets higher the center of gravity changes.

If you want to get more space underneath your car but don’t want to invest in a garage lift then you check out Myliftstands. These car stands give you tons of clearance under your car to work. The Myliftstands cradle your tire and keep the car securely in place.


If you are using traditional jack stands and want to increase the height you usually have to put the jack up the car and move the jack stand. After you get the desired height you can replace the jack stand and lower the car on the stand. The issue with this is that sometimes there isn’t an extra place to jack up your car. It can be difficult because you typically put the jack stand where the car is being jacked up.


With Myliftstands you don’t have this problem. You can keep the wheels in the cradles and lift the car to a better height. You may be renting your house or don’t want to make any permanent modifications to your garage. By installing a car lift you have to drill into the floor for support. That means that installing a lift is out of the question.

Myliftstands will give you the height you need all without irreversible modifications to your garage floor. if you work on cars and you’ve tired of having to kneel down to complete a project then these stands will be a big help. They will lift the car much higher off of the ground than traditional jack stands.



High Ground Clearance

Get the most space when working on your car. These stands lift the car 24″ off of the ground. This gives you more room to work compared to jack stands that give you 16″ of clearance. If you are working on your car maneuvering around can be a hassle. With these stands you can speed up your work.

Side Access

One problem with traditional jack stands is the side access. When you work on a car the jack stands tend to always be in the way. If you are working on anything underneath the car it may be difficult to get the right angle. With these stands you get more space to work.


You can take these stands with you wherever you go. If you work on the side or have a mobile mechanic business you can get cars higher off the ground. This means quicker jobs and more money in your pocket.



The Myliftstands are incredibly strong. Each pair of stands has a rating of 6,000lb. Lift even larger vehicles off the ground quickly. With the 4 post design you get even weight distribution which helps with stability. Get your car higher off the ground while remaining safe.


The cradles for the tires automatically chocks your wheels. When all four tires are in the cradles this design stops the vehicle from rolling. This gives you peace of mind to know your car isn’t going to roll around while you are working underneath.

Spring-loaded Locking Mechanism

When jacking the stands into the high position there is a spring loaded mechanism that locks the device. This lets you know that your stand is secure and at the highest level. All four stands automatically lock creating a safe environment.


  • 12″ wide x 18″ long x 8″ (low height) – 14″ (highest height).
  • inside section of the top tire pan, where the tire sits, is 11″ x 11″ x  1.5″ deep (will fit tires widths up to 275mm / 11 inches)

In closing

If you are looking for a great option to working on you car then check out the MYLIFTSTANDS. These stands will increase your productivity all while keeping you safe. Make your work easier and get more work done by getting yourself a set of these stands.


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