Chicago will charge you $35 if they catch you driving 6mph over the speed limit.

The controversial speed camera law was passed in the city of Chicago. The mayor, Mayor Lori Lightfoot, was told that the new law would Nickle and diming Chicagoans. I a speed camera catches you going 6-10mph over the posted speed limit you can get a $35 ticket.

The ticket is sent to your house through the mail. If you are going even quicker you can be fined $100. In 2020 the rate of death of people in car crashes raised 45 percent from 2019 to 2020. Although it seems like fining people who were already hit by the pandemic seems a little excessive.

Some police will even tell you that traffic tickets are usually just a way that Cities can rake in more money. In some cases it ticketing driving offenses doesn’t really do society any good. What are your thoughts on the getting ticketed in

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