Rennstand Review

The Rennstand is one of the most helpful tools for lifting and supporting a vehicle. If you don’t have a lift at your home it may take time to jack up the car and place jack stands underneath. If you have an older car there may be limited lift points to support the vehicle. That is where the Rennstand comes in.

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Rennstand 6 ton capacity per pair, Pins have 9000lbs shear strength, lift and jack in the same spot



The Rennstands make it easy to jack up the vehicle. When you jack up a vehicle your typically use the pinch weld. The problem with that is getting your jack stands in the same spot. If your jack is in the way you might have to lower the car and adjust the placement. With the Rennstand the the jack and stand can be in the same spot.

The Rennstand sits on top of the jack. After you’ve lifted the vehicle you can insert the legs and the pins. You can then lower the jack and your vehicle will be safely supported.


The Rennstnad has multiple adapters available. If you have a standard pinch weld or you are lifting the vehicle on the frame there are multiple adapters for different applications.

Rennstand Pros


These stands are over-engineered. Therefore they are made to be strong and durable. The weight capacity of a pair of these stands is 12,000 lbs. The stand is made of steel and extremely strong. Each of the pins in the jack stand has a shear strength of 9,000lbs. You can have peace of mind knowing that these stands will safely support your vehicle.


Rennstands have a maximum height of 16 inches. This is far higher than what most jack stands would recommend. With the added space you can get more work done. In addition, you save time lifting and lowering the vehicle because the stand is in the same area as the jack.

Rennstand 6 ton capacity per pair, Pins have 9000lbs shear strength, lift and jack in the same spot

Protecting pavement

Typical jack stands sit on four legs. These legs can tear up your driveway due to the weight. Rennstands have legs with flat bottoms. In other words, the weight is evenly distributed. This will protect your driveway or garage floor from damage.

In closing

If you are looking for the best way to lift your vehicle then you should check out these Rennstands. Made in the USA these are quality stands that will support your race car. Whether you’re fixing your exhaust or doing an oil change these stands will help you get more work done quicker.

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