Watch this Dodge Challenger Hellcat try to get traction in the snow.

Dodge Challenger Hellcats are known for having traction issues. A perfect example would be the time a Hellcat got beat in a drag race by a Tesla P100D. Granted the tires that the Hellcat was rocking weren’t the best for traction. That being said knowing that the car is traction impaired you probably wouldn’t want to take it out when conditions are slippery.

However one driver was determined to fill up his gas tank while there were a few inches of snow on the ground. You can watch in the video as the Hellcat slowly inches towards the gas pumps. Due to the white powdery stuff the tires just spin. The tail end tends to kick out a few times but he is able to keep it under control.

From the video below it’s not known wether or not they were able to get some gas. The video ends as the car is creeping through the gas station parking lot. Have you ever driven a high hp car out in the snow? What kind of experience did you have? Hopefully the car made it home ok.

Source: ViralHog | Speed Society

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