Guy high on meth carjacks a truck and steals a goat

Usually on New Years eve you might go out and party with friends. You can even stay home and watch the ball drop. Although one man took his partying to a whole new level. This guy on meth decided to steal a truck and goat all in one night.

A couple had pulled up to an Adult video store. The driver had left the passenger asleep as he went inside to the store to get some dirty flicks. The suspect, Brandon Wayne Kirby, then approached the vehicle. Kirby got in the truck which had the driver’s pet goat in the bed and drove off.

The passenger finally woke up but to his surprise there was a gun pointed at his head. Kirby managed to drive through Missouri, Kansas and into Oklahoma. During the drive he pistol whipped the passenger and continued to make threats against him. Kirby did eventually let the passenger and the goat go in the middle of nowhere.

The police were notified and they got ahold of OnStar to get information on the stolen GMC Sierra HD. Apparently OnStar had the ability to slow the vehicle to a rate of 15mph. The police took advantage of this and set stop sticks to tear up the tires.

Kirby abandoned the vehicle and ran into the woods dropping his mask and firearm. He was arrested and charged with felony possession of a firearm, kidnapping and brandishing a weapon. In addition he was wanted out of Oklahoma for multiple other charges.

Source: Autoblog | KTUL

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