Walmart Tire and Lube Tech fills wrong hole with oil.

Changing oil in a vehicle is pretty straight forward. You make sure the engine is warm, empty the old oil, replace the filter then add new oil based on the manufacturers specification. It seems like common sense but in today’s times it isn’t all that common. A woman regretted taking her SUV to a Walmart Tire and Lube shop after they caused damage to her vehicle.

The owner had the work done to her car and she drove away. After a short drive she noticed a weird sound. She immediately took the car back the the shop. The technician who worked on the vehicle admitted that he put the motor oil in the transmission. Which means the engine was operating without oil while she was driving. She got an estimate at the Ford dealership and they said it would cost $7500 to get the engine replaced.

After 12 days of haggling with Walmart they finally provided her a rental car. Then after three weeks Walmart offered to get her a used engine which cost $4400. The owner had a warranty on her vehicle so installing an uncertified used engine would void whatever warranty she had. Walmart eventually offered a settlement to cover all of the repairs. Although it seems like a simple mistake like this shouldn’t happen. What are your thoughts? Where do you prefer to get your oil changed?

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