Jiffy Lube Mechanics Were Arrested for Tampering.

In certain states in America there are mandatory vehicle inspections. Cars must be inspected for emissions and be given a roadworthy sticker stating that the car is ok to drive. The government conducts some of the inspections in certain states while in other states you have to drive your vehicle to a certified shop to have it inspected. At a few select shops Jiffy Lube mechanics were arrested for tampering with government records.

The mechanics were not performing inspections correctly or they were falsifying information. Multiple technicians were arrested at their place of work for not complying with regulation procedures. It’s possible that there are more than 100 cars in the road that might not have been inspected properly.



Man’s car bust into flames after oil change at Jiffy Lube



Source: ABC

Each person involved was charged with 2 counts of tampering with government records. Jiffy Lube denies and knowledge of the illegal activity. What are your thoughts knowing that the Jiffy Lube Mechanics were arrested?

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  1. Jiffy lube tampered my car also. Methhead kids attacked my car with hammers, and pried on transmission case. After many complaints bbb, police etc. They denied it and threatened my family. Got no help from the police or agencies on this.


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