Woman claims mechanic told her to lift up shirt in exchange for discount

A Missouri woman says that she is “Offended” because she had a mechanic supposedly say he would give her a discount if she flashed him. Kintraella Huntley was getting her car service at a Quick Stop Auto Shop in Ferguson, Mo.

Kintraella said she was getting her car worked on. The mechanic rode with her to see if he could diagnose the issue she was having. It was at this point, Kintrella said, that he made an indecent proposal. Supposedly he told her “He said ‘Look, if you pull up your shirt and show me your breasts, then I will go ahead and knock the price down”

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Kintraella said she denied his request. When they returned to the shop she said that she called the police. The owner of the shop denied that it happened and even went as far as to say the the mechanic doesn’t even speak english. Kintraella said that she understand everything the man said and that he spoke english fine.

Huntley also stated that, “What he pretends in front of them is totally not what he said to me. I totally heard what he said. He told me to lift my shirt and show my body.” and “It’s a shame. When does it stop? When do we get our respect?”


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