You can now turn your Ford F150 into a Fastback

aero x cap f150

If you’re a fan of the iconic Mustang Fastback then you probably remember its sleek styling. Some of the cars had louvers installed. Louvers not only keep your car cool and prevent glare but they also add to the looks of the car. Well Michigan Vehicle Solutions (MVS) decided to create a version for the Ford F150.

Its called the Aero X Cap and you can add it to any 2015+ Ford F150. It provides an enclosure for your bed with plenty of more features. The design provides better aerodynamics to the car while increasing storage space. It comes equipped with gas struts that open up a portion of the enclosure while the sides stay in place. In addition it comes with a finished headliner, dome light, brake lights and tinted windows.

aero x cap f150

You can also get the Fiberglass Aero X Glass matched to your paint. Images of the truck made their way through social media earlier this year. There were many that supported the looks while others disliked it’s styling. Overall it’s shows that they put a lot of time and effort into creating the product and for that we give them kudos. How do you feel about the Aero X Cap? Would you add it to your truck?

Source: Michigan Vehicle Solutions | The Drive

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