Police officer injured after street racing.

Usually when you hear about street racing and police you’re likely to assume that either the cops busted some street racers or someone got arrested for street racing. Well in this case neither happened. It turns out that an off-duty officer decided to street race and because of what resulted after he’s now in critical condition.

Through the video below you can watch as the two cars speed down the street. The officer was driving a mustang and the other vehicle involved was appears to be a Suzuki. It’s not known what transpired before the incident but the two were traveling down the road at high speeds.

The officer seems to have lost control and drove his vehicle into a tree. Other officers arrived on scene and had the off-duty cop transported to a local hospital. Police are searching for the Suzuki that was involved in the incident. Meanwhile the off-duty cop remains in the hospital in critical condition.

A tire mark about a football length was found at the scene. In addition about five seconds after the cars leave the security camera the crash happened. Hopefully everything turns out ok for everyone involved.

Source: CBS DFW

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