Guys use paddle tires on the road. Why you shouldn’t.

Usually when you drive on the road you want a smooth ride. Sometimes you add specialty tires like winter or summer tires to increase performance. For some off road activities paddle tires can be highly useful. Usually meant for mud or sand paddle tires have cups which help increase traction in otherwise difficult situations.

Well WhistlinDiesel on Youtube decided to add paddle tires to their Duramax and take the truck out on some country roads. At first you can see the paddle tires which are about a foot further out than the tow mirrors. It looks like they are bolted up to some hub extensions that we assume are for clearance.

They first start off with the tires on the back and as the speed increases so does the vibrations. At one point he states,

It feels like something major is wrong with the truck.

They do a few burnouts and pulls in the video below. You can see that chunks from the tire are now missing. Then they switch the tires to the front. The noise and vibrations become intolerable at some points. Check out the video below for more!

Source: WhistlinDiesel

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