World’s fastest AWD Honda Civic

World's fastest AWD Honda Civic

  • • 1400HP AWD Honda Civic
  • • Beats AWD Civic record at 7.55@190mph
  • • World’s fastest AWD Honda Civic

Usually when you think of Honda Civics most people see economically sound vehicles. Well the the team at KKT Racing and Real street performance transformed their car into the world’s fastest AWD Honda Civic.

Recently at a track the car beat the AWD Civic record. From the video below you can see how well the car is built. The engine is a 2.2L with a 7685 turbo which creates 1400HP. The car was first on our radar when it ran 8.0@178mph. Later at TX2K19 it ran a 7.7@187.

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On the car’s last pass it ran a 7.55@190 beating the most recent AWD civic record. That run was for the books. Now they can officially say they have the world’s fastest AWD Honda Civic. Check out the video below and let us know what you think in the comments!

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