Watch a 1350hp Viper do a Burnout in Fifth Gear

Drifting has become a global phenomenon. Anyone can start drifting if you have the correct car to do so. Watch a 1350hp Viper do a burnout in fifth gear [Video Below]. Some people drift mustangs others drift 240s. Well the team at Formula Drift built the only 2 drift Dodge Vipers in the world!

The owner, Dean Kearney is a Formula Drift 2019 pro driver. Dean says that the car is a Gen 4 2008 Dodge Viper. The car has had all custom bodywork done by his team. The car also has a custom suspension to provide the best performance. The engine is completely built and in addition has dual “alternators” protruding from the hood.

The car on 16psi makes 1350hp. That’s enough power to smoke the tires off with little or no effort. The car at 3200rpm the car makes relatively 900hp!

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Dean starts by doin some burnouts in 2nd gear. He roasts the tires in a minute. Drifting around a trailer it reminds of us watching the Gymkhana videos. After a new set of tires he’s back at it again. The car is powerful enough to kill the tires in fifth gear! Check out the video below by Hoonigan Daily Transmission to see a 1350hp Viper do a burnout in fifth gear

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