Reckless driver crashes into million dollar supercars

boy crashes car

We all see wrecks every once and while. Most times they are just minor fender benders. Well a video from London shows when a driver crashes into million dollar supercars. The young driver was driving and Audi Q7 when he lost control.

He ran into 11 cars which included a Porsche Cayenne, a Bentley Bentayga and a McLaren MP4-12C. Together the three cars were valued at $1.2 million. Video was captured from a homeowner’s security camera. In the video you can hear the car speeding down the street. Apparently there were a few dips in the road that the driver didn’t compensate for.

A witness stated that the kid was dazed and confused when he exited the vehicle. Other’s saw that his head was bleeding pretty badly. No arrests were made but the investigation is ongoing. The driver took a ride to a local hospital with non-life threatening injuries. Just goes to show that driving recklessly has it’s consequences.

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What would you do if someone ran into your supercar?

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