Woman sets ex-boyfriend’s car on fire. Results are explosive

If you’ve ever been through a bad breakup it isn’t fun. Sometimes there is arguing. Other times it’s awkward when you see each other. If you have mutual friends it’s even worse.

In these scenarios it’s best to live and let live. Just move on with your life. Apparently that is easier said than done. A woman was either going through a breakup or had gone through one.

She decided that she was going to get revenge. Witnesses say she walked up to her ex-boyfriend’s Jeep with a bat in one hand and a can of gasoline in the other. She busted the window before filling the car with gas.

After she empties the container she tosses in a match. Little does she know that lighting gasoline in a small area with a limited amount of oxygen isn’t a good idea. The inside of the car explodes tossing her to the ground.

She gets up, grabs her stuff and runs away. The man’s car was totally destroyed. She was later arrested and charged with criminal damage to property and arson.


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