Woman goes to shop complaining that her turn signal isn’t working

Depending on the problem it can sometimes take a while to diagnose a car issue. If you have an engine misfire it could be a spark plug, coil pack or even more. This means that mechanics have to take their time finding the correct part to replace.

A woman was having an issue with her turn signal. She was complaining that she couldn’t keep the right turn signal to stay on. In addition the left turn signal would turn on by itself sometimes.

After about 30 seconds of having the car in the shop the issue was found. The owner of the vehicle had a bottle of hand sanitizer hanging from the lever. Each time she would try to turn on the turn signal the weight of the sanitizer pulled the lever down.

After the hand sanitizer was removed the issue was fixed. Needless to say that you probably shouldn’t hang things from levers or switches.


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