Diesel truck explodes on the dyno

You can never have enough power. People are always modifiying their car to squeeze out the most hrsprs. They’ll do what it takes to be number one. It’s all in good fun and the car community is pretty great.

On the other hand parts break all of the time. You see videos all over the internet of cars blowing up or falling off a dyno. This diesel truck is no exception. They were chasing 3000HP out of their truck.

The truck was highly modified to make anywhere near that power. To put them over the top they were using a shot of nitrous. While it isn’t quite known how big the shot was it was enough to completely destroy the truck.

The engine explodes during the pull. It completely rips off the front of the truck causing parts to fly everywhere. Other than being shaken up some walked away with only minor injuries. Lucky for them because it could have been much worse.

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