A runaway tire destroys the front of a house

Typically wheels are supposed to stay attached to their vehicle. When you re install a wheel you should use a torque wrench so you know you are tightening it enough. If the lug nuts aren’t tight enough your wheel could fall off.

On the other hand accidents happen. Car parts fail and sometimes parts fall off. In this instance a wheel falls off a truck. We can’t see exactly where the wheel comes from. The video starts as the wheel is speeding down the side of the road.

It veers off into the homeowners yard and heads straight for the front door. The wheel just barely misses a tree then gets airborne. It takes out one of the pillars that is in front of the door.

It breaks some glass before bouncing away. The inside area of the wheel is smoking so it’s likely to assume something broke. After the homeowner heard what happen he went outside and tried to understand what happened. Luckily no one was hit by the tire. Otherwise it could have been fatal.

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