Where to get a set of Automotive Diagnostic Dice

Are you a mechanic or a car guy. If so you have probably seen a set of Diagnostic Dice on the internet. The dice show a fun way to diagnose a car. They are perfect for a mechanic.

Finding a set of the mechanic dice can be a task all it’s own. You can get yourself a set of Diagnosing Dice here. This is fun cool way to diagnose a car.

Diagnosing Dice 6 Dice, 72 different answers, Perfect gift for a mechanic or a car guy

Have you ever had a customer call in on the phone and ask you to diagnose their car? Maybe they call in and try to describe a sound and want you to figure out what the problem is. In most cases it’s impossible without seeing the car in person.

But now that’s not the case. With Diagnostice Dice you can tell the customer what’s wrong. Simply grab a dice and roll. In a moment you will get a answer. Maybe there tie rod is bad. Maybe they have a blow headgasket. These dice can give 72 answers. Results may vary.


What’s in the box?

This kit of Diagnostic Dice comes with 6 dice. Each dice has six different answers. In other words there are 72 different outcomes the dice can have.


This a set of novelty dice. It doesn’t actually diagnose car issues. Although for mechanics and car guys it is fun way to get a fake diagnosis. It’s good for a laugh and with so many answers you get something new every time.


These Diagnosing Dice make a perfect gag gift. Whether you work in a garage or just one the side these dice would be perfect for you. They are quick and easy to use. You simply roll the dice and get different diagnostic options.


These dice are fun to use especially if you work around the shop. They give you a quick and precise answer. They are inexpensive and provide great quality.


The answers are usually wrong. This set of dice is simply for fun. They won’t actually diagnose your car accurately.

In Conclusion

If you are looking for a good pair of Diagnosing Dice look no further. This is cool set of dice which would be perfect to add to any mechanic’s collection. Buy this for a dad, husband or anyone who enjoys working on cars.

They are sure to make them smile.

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