Why was the Manta Ray Tube Kite banned and where you can still get one.

Summer is on its way and with that summer activities. Nothing spells summer like going out on the lake and enjoying yourself. Before it was banned the Manta Ray Tube Kite was an adrenaline seekers choice of pleasure.

While being towed by a boat or a jet ski the Manta Ray by being built aerodynamically could soar 15 feet above the water. Unlike regular towable tubes, the Manta Ray could reach speeds of 20-35 when the wind lifted the device. Unfortunately with every positive, there is a negative. Most manufacturers stated that it is dangerous to exceed speeds of 20mph on the Manta.

Well as most ignore warning signs people flew the tubes well above the recommended speeds. Many people received injuries from the tube. It was recommended that a helmet be used while “in flight.” This didn’t stop the Manta from sometimes abruptly diving straight down into the water.

With a simple gust of wind or an ill-experienced spotter the Manta would act unpredictably causing accidents. With an increase of speed and altitude people were hitting the water and as most know water acts almost like a solid at higher speeds.

Police in Florida can arrest street racers without witnessing the race

In July 2006 eighty-four injuries were reported. In addition, three deaths occurred within a 4 month period. It soon became illegal to use the Manta in most parts of the US and Canada. Other places that still allowed the device would release all liability of injuries caused by using the tube. The tubes can still be purchased through Ebay and Aliexpress.

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3 thoughts on “Why was the Manta Ray Tube Kite banned and where you can still get one.”

  1. We have been using out Manta Ray for years, from when the kids were small to young adults. amazing for tubing at a slow speed and flying when used properly.
    Unfortunately, as with most incidents in life, when someone is injured in a car, motorbike, atv etc. it is usually the operator that has caused the incident. People use a longer rope than is recommended, the driver goes too fast, the driver does not know what they are doing. There are videos of people in a boat drinking while using the Manta Ray. Do we have to ban cars because they are dangerous, there are videos of people at the boat launch submerging their car, truck; do we blame the car, no.
    Please be responsible in any sport or activity we do, the intent is not to scare people, enjoy life.

  2. We had one for yrs without incident. We followed the instructions, speed and tow rope length. But if you tow it 50 mph with 200 feet of rope you’re asking for trouble. .


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