Where to buy Shell Tellus S2 MX 46 Hydraulic Oil

If you own or work in a shop you might use Hydraulic oil on the regular. Looking for Shell Tellus S2 MX 46? You don’t have to pay an arm and a leg. You can get reasonably priced hydraulic oil buy the gallon or drum.

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Shell Tellus S2 MX 46 Hydraulic Oil – Superior Quality
– Resist chemical and thermal breakdown
– Resist rust
– Extended life
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Shell Tellus S2 MX 46 Run Down

The Shell Tellus Hydraulic Oil is a patented formula which does a fine job of lubricating your equipment. It resist thermal and chemical breakdown all while protecting your manufacturing and mobile equipment hydraulic systems.

This hydraulic oil minimizes sludge and foaming. The oil promotes excellent filterability, water separation and cleanliness. It can also prevent rust especially in humid environments.

If you are looking for a long lasting oil this would be great. It greatly reduces the amount of times you to to service the machines. Because the oil is high quality it provides superior lubrication for and extended period of time.


Shell Tellus S2 46 Hydraulic Oil can be used in multiple applications. Excavators and cranes are a couple places where this oil can be most effective. In addition it is suitable for marine applications.


  • Denison Hydraulics (HF-0, HF-1, HF-2) Cincinnati Machine P-68 (ISO 32), P-70 (ISO 46), P-69 (ISO 68)
  • Eaton Vickers M-2950 S
  • Eaton Vickers I-286 S
  • Listed by Bosch Rexroth Ref 17421-001 and RD 220-1/04.03
  • ISO 11158 (HM fluids)
  • AFNOR NF-E 48-603
  • ASTM 6158-05 (HM fluids)
  • DIN 51524 Part 2 HLP type
  • Swedish Standard SS 15 54 34 AM
  • GB 111181-1-94 (HM fluids)

In closing

If you are looking for some exceptional hydraulic fluid consider getting a drum of the Shell Tellus S2 46 Hydraulic Oil. You will be pleased with the performance and features that this oil provides.

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