Mustang accelerator gets stuck at 7000 rpm and 110mph

Going to the track can be a good ‘ol time. Whether you are racing or spectating just being there can make you forget about the cares of the world. Although your day might get ruined if your car shuts down.

One man is lucky till still have an engine after making a pass. He was driving his 2004 Mustang Cobra down the track. When he got near the end his accelerator pedal got stuck.

His engine was running at 7000rpm for a while. He turned the car off as he was still coasting. Thinking it might have been an electronic issue he tried restarting the car. The engine went into a full rev before he turned off the car again.

It turns out that either the pedal or the throttle body got stuck. Lucky for him he was able to turn off the car before his pistons shot off into the stratosphere.

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