What it looks like when a fleet of Teslas get updated all at once

Tesla has been known for being on the front of over-the-air updates. While most manufacturers either stop the updates when the car leaves the lot or they require you to return to the dealer for an update Tesla can update your vehicle over-the-air

By using Wifi or LTE your car can get software updates without you having to lift a finger. Well someone on TikTok managed to record a fleet of Teslas all getting updated at once. It almost looks like something out of a scifi movie.

If you have ever watched the movie Close Encounters of the Third Kind then you will probably remember the scene where they were communicating with the mothership with flashing lights. If you take a look it closely resembles the Tesla over-the-air update. Is Tesla secretly trying to contact aliens? Let us know what you think!

Updating all cars at the same time 😮 from r/teslamotors

TikTok: sergeygusev190

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