A Land Rover Defender pulls a 7 Car Transporter stuck on ice

Driving on ice can be a dangerous game. No matter the vehicle if you can’t get the traction you could end up in a ditch. Well, one 7 car transporter got stuck on a patch of ice. Even though it had the weight of the 7 SUVs pushing down on it the transporter wouldn’t budge.

They enlisted the help of an unlikely vehicle. In the video below you can see that the transporter has been hooked up to the back of a Land Rover Defender. The Defender had odds against its favor. As the Land Rover tried to pull the transporter its tires began to slip.

You can see that the SUV has some advanced traction control which allows it to spin each wheel at different speeds. After a few sways back and forth they managed to get some forward movement. The Defender eventually was able to clear the transporter of the slick surface.

The Defender definitely did a great job. What vehicle would you use to get the transporter unstuck? Let us know in the comments!

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