What does S mean on a car?

Have you ever seen a car with an S on the trunk? While some cars just have letters based on the specifications of the car some have asked “what does S mean on a car?” The S usually refers to a sportier model. Unlike the standard version of a car, the S version can have performance upgrades.

While most will never notice a difference there are some distinctions between some base model cars and their type S counterparts. From Acuras to some Audis the S logo on their car refers to souped-up models. Even the late 90’s Honda Prelude came with an SH (Super Handling) version.

Depending on the car manufacture the S on the back of a car can mean a few things. Typically the S refers to a performance upgrade. Compared to a base model car, otherwise known as a standard version. the S version of the car is usually faster.

In addition to speed upgrades, some S model cars have suspension, exhaust, and other upgrades. Carmakers signify the sportier model of a car with an S logo. Although not all automakers use the same symbol. Dodge uses the R/T logo, Ford’s Mustang has a GT logo when the car is the V8 version.

If you see a car with an S logo it’s safe to assume that it’s a higher rated version than a standard car. Most times the upgrades won’t be too outrageous. You won’t see an increase of 50 or 100hp. Although you may see a 20hp difference between an S and a base version.

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