The EPA wants to ban our racecars

For car enthusiasts, our rides are very important to us. They can be an escape from the stresses of the world. Going to a car meet can even be a way to find new friends. From motorsports to car shows we take great pride in the cars that we have.

Some modify their cars for speed. Others modify for looks. No matter how you choose to customize your car you know there will be a car scene that will accept you. There is nothing like enjoying a day out at the drag strip. Although the EPA is trying to stop that.

The EPA, which is proud of the changes they’ve made regarding the Clean Air Act, has made changes and is now trying to ban our race cars. Not only that but they’re trying to get rid of motorsports altogether. While it would be impossible for the Environment Protection Agency to search all 200 million cars on the roads of the for illegal modifications, they decided to try another route.

What better way to get rid of modified cars than to stop the source. The EPA wants to stop automotive parts manufacturers from creating parts. Things like, superchargers, turners and exhausts are set to be banned.

The interpretation of the Clean Air Act would ban anyone from modifying a streetcar. This includes cars, trucks and motorcycles. While the ACT could be taken literally as to say that no streetcar can be converted into a dedicated race car the change would affect the motorsports and car community as a whole.

A while ago we made a post about the RPM act that was sent to congress. Even if you signed that petition your help is still needed. You can help join the fight by contacted your representative.

The RPM Act will provide the racing community with certainty and confidence in the face of an EPA interpretation of the Clean Air Act that threatens to devastate an American pastime and eliminate jobs in our communities. 



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