How to make an exhaust louder

Do you have a car that you are modifying? Maybe you want to hear the exhaust more. If you are wondering how to make an exhaust louder then you’ve come to the right place.

Why you would want a louder exhaust

For more sound

Most people are just looking to get more sound out of their exhaust. You may have a sports car or muscle car that you want to hear better. If you want to have that iconic sound when you rev your engine there are steps you can take to make the car louder.

Maybe you bought a brand new car but you can’t even hear it as you speed down the freeway. By making the exhaust louder you increase the sound which allows you and others to hear your car more.

For more power

Another reason people modify their exhaust is to make their car faster. As you increase the flow of your exhaust you can increase the horsepower and make your car louder.

With a simple modification your can make your car louder and add a little bit of power. While you won’t go around beating high horsepwer cars in races you will still be a little faster.

How to make an exhaust louder

Some of the options below may be illegal in your state so make sure you check your local laws before making any modifications

Catback System

A catback exhaust system starts from the catalytic converter and ends at the back of the car. Typically the catback replaces the majority of the exhaust system. It gives you added airflow and usually a louder sound.

The catback system is the most popular option when people are trying to figure out how to make their exhaust louder. As long as you have a jack and jack stands most people can install the exhaust themselves.

Although if you aren’t mechanically inclined it may be easier to just take it to a shop to have it installed. You can pretty much get a catback system for any car. It really just depends on the brand and style you’re looking for.

Axleback exhaust system

The axleback system is similar to the catback. Although the axleback only replaces a small section at the rear of the car. If you are looking to increase the sound but don’t want to replace your whole exhaust system then this may be the best option for you.

Axleback systems are more so for rear-wheel-drive cars like Ford Mustangs and Chevrolet Camaros. Although if you look around you may be able to find an axleback that works for your car.

Straight pipe

Another common way to make your exhaust louder is by straight piping your car. This means removing things that are in the exhaust line like a resonator and muffler. Sometimes people remove the catalytic converter. By welding it a “straight pipe” you have increased the airflow which will make your car louder.

Resonator Delete

Some cars have resonators in the exhaust system. The purpose of these devices is to lower the sound that exits the exhaust. By deleting or removing the resonator your exhaust will get more airflow and have a louder exhaust. While it won’t be as loud as a straight pipe you will still notice a difference.

The resonator is usually closer to the engine than the muffler is. You can usually cut out this device and weld in a metal pipe with the correct length.

Muffler Delete

The muffler is also a device that limits the amount of sound coming out of the exhaust. Just like the resonator it restricts the flow and helps muffle the sound. Hence the name. By replacing the muffler with a straight pipe you can make your car exhaust louder.

High Flow Muffler

If you are wondering how to make an exhaust louder but don’t want to break the law than you can consider just changing your muffler. While some states don’t like you modifying the exhaust at all you may be able to get away with changing out the muffler.

You can purchase high flow mufflers that still muffles the sound. Although the restriction is less than what you’d get with an original muffler. You will have a louder exhaust but with a muffler still attached if you ever get pulled over.

Hood Dump

A hood dump exhaust is a little more extreme. Just like it sounds the exhaust comes out of the hood on the car. You may have seen cars with pipes shooting out in front of their windshield.

These are very loud and unless you are building a race car or want to play your chances of getting ticketed it’s probably best to avoid these. While they look and sound cool chances are cops will hear you from a mile away.

Side exhaust

Next is a side exhaust. The shorter the exhaust the louder it can be. A side exhaust is one way to make your exhaust louder. Instead of running the exhaust from the front of the car to the back, you can install a side exhaust.

The side exhaust exits on either side of the vehicle. Because it is shorter than a normal exhaust the airflow is better and you get a louder sound. We would place this somewhere between a hood dump exhaust and a straight pipe.

Final Thoughts

If you are looking to make your exhaust louder there are multiple options that you have. Depending on the level of sound you want and how much modifying you are willing to do you can get a sound that meets your requirements.

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