Tesla Model 3 driver caught stealing electricity from police.

One of the worst things about owning an EV or electric vehicle is the lack of power stations. Depending on where you live the access to the superchargers can be limited. If you don’t plan out your trip you may end up on the side of the road with a dead battery. For one owner of a Tesla Model 3 his lack of charging got him charged (with a crime).

A 48 year old man was driving through the city of Mettemann, Germany. During his commute he realized that he would not have enough charge to reach his destination. In addition there were no charging stations in a drive-able distance. He decided to improvise and get the electricity he needed. Unfortunately for him it did not end up to well.

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According to German authorities he trespassed onto a construction site. In the closed area he managed to find a electricity plug which was part of a portable toilet. He plugged his car in and finally got some much needed power. Little did he know he tripped the alarm and alerted police that there had been a break in. The construction site just so happened to be a police station that was being built.

Police showed up and questioned the man. Unlike the charging that the man wanted he got charged with trespassing and unauthorized withdrawal of electricity. Lets just say he will probably think again before just plugin his car in anywhere. Like this post? Leave us a comment below!

Source: PowerNation

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