Will a car start without oil?

Have you ever wondered “Will a car start without oil?” This question is more complicated that it seems at first. Oil is easily one of the most important pieces of the automobile engine. Without oil the engine car be rendered useless. Oil is to an engine what blood is to a person. Without it you wouldn’t last very long.

That being said we have to start by explaining what oil does and why our cars need it.

Friction Reducer

Oil in its many qualities can easily flow around moving engine parts to keep them lubricated. By placing space between the fast moving components it reduces friction. This in turn helps your engine run better and longer.

Prevent Corrosion

Throughout automobile history people have always been trying to make their cars more reliable. With a vehicle being such a large investment you want to make sure that you get your money’s worth. Because of this there has been tons of research done in making the best engine parts and the best fluids. Companies are constantly discovering ways to increase the longevity of their engines. They pour tons of money into creating the highest quality oil companies . Rust inhibitors have been added to the oil to prevent corrosion. Preventing corrosion of automotive parts on the inside of the engine are as important as rust on the outside. With assistance of these additives our engines are lasting longer.

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Oil keeps the inside of your engine in tip-top shape by trapping debris. The contaminants which can sometimes slip past the piston rings can harm your engine. The oil collects the harmful particles and with help from an oil filter can prevent them from doing any harm.


Oil helps cool the engine by preventing friction. It also absorbs heat and disperses it over a wider area. With more space the heat transfer can occur quicker and be spread more evenly.

Absorbing shocks

Oil helps the engine by absorbing the shocks of moving mechanical parts. Furthermore when your engine is turning at 6000 revolutions per minute there is usually a lot of jerking motion. With the oil absorbing some of this force it lessens the strain on your engine. This leads to a longer lasting engine.

Energy Transfer

Oil is a good energy transfer tool. Like the cars with VTEC, oil can be used to activate certain components of an engine that aren’t always active. After the oil pressure increases enough in a VTEC engine the valve timing can be adjusted for maximum performance.

What if you start your car and their isn’t any oil?

Without any oil in your vehicle you can cause permanent damage to your engine. Without oil the internal components of the engine will have a high amount of friction. Your engine temperature will increase exponentially. You could even get to the point where your internal components get so hot that they start melting and welding themselves together.

How long can it last without the lube?

Depending on the vehicle this can vary. Although you should really never operate a vehicle without any oil. If you drive the vehicle at a lower RPM your engine my last a little longer than at a higher RPM.As a result with the added friction you may have to start shopping around for an engine replacement.

So will a car start without oil?

In short, yes! But the price you may have to pay is probably not worth it. You might be able to get down the road but when your engine gets seized up you’re going to wish you used lube. Have you ever driven without oil? Leave us a comment below!

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