Teens who jumped on man’s Ferrari responsible for $6000 in damages

One thing people should be taught when growing up is respect. You should treat people the way you want to be treated. With this fundamental rule we could make the world a little bit of a better place. Respect includes not damaging other’s property. Well some teens in California decided to jump on a man’s Ferrari and damaged the car while taking photos.

After posting about the car’s damage on social media the owner, Richard Streep, received a message. They had sent him a picture of the culprits and their social media accounts. They were standing on his car posing for pictures. This little stunt caused a good amount of damage to the car.

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Streep parked his car at his parent’s house. They live in a relatively safe neighborhood and he has parked there multiple times without any incidents like this. The day after the car was left his family called him and told him that there had been some kids standing on his car but they ran and drove off.


Streep looked at his car and said,

The whole thing is covered in footprints; a dent here and a dent there, scratches here scratches here

With the information he was given through social media he filed a police report.

That made my heart sink…A lot of us work hard. We get good jobs, go to school. We do things right in society to be able to have something we love. Whether it be a car or not, everyone works hard for something.

said Streep.

Streep did eventually receive a call from one of the teen’s parents. They gave him an apology and said that they would cover the $6,000 in damages. What is it with people not respecting other’s stuff? Just like this kid right here. Let us know what you think in the comments below!

Source: KFOX14

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