Supercar Blondie painted her Rolls Royce. Not sure how we feel about it.

Painting a car is nothing new. All over the internet you see people get awesome paint jobs. There are even wraps that look good. A lot of time goes into making sure you have a good finished product. If you don’t plan everything out ahead it might not turn out how you expected it.

Supercar Blondie decided she was going to paint her Rolls Royce. Instead of using a traditional paint booth she opted for the pendulum method. Never heard of this method? That’s ok it’s only now just pick up steam on the internet.

The method involves filling a container with paint and hanging the container above your canvas. By allowing the rope to swing back and forth like a pendulum you can normally get some pretty wicked designs.

We had high hopes for Supercar Blondie’s car. Although we are at a lost for words with the final product. In the video below they fill the container with neon paint and allow it to swing over the Rolls Royce.

It looks fine for a second then things don’t get better. While it makes a smei-symmetrical design on top the paint splatters all over making the car a little messy. You can see from her reaction that she might have regretted trying this. Although after the car dries they try to spray it off. Unfortunately it is there to stay.

Based off the video it seems as though they may have something bigger planned for the car. We’ll just have to wait and see. Let us know what you think in the comments below!

Source: Supercar Blondie

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