Watch a guy outrun the cops in a Ford Fiesta ST

If you try to outrun cops you might get away with it if you’re playing Grand Theft Auto. Although in the real world you can’t outrun a helicopter or a radio. It’s crazy that people think they can run and get away with it.

One man managed to lead Califonia police on a 2 hour pursuit. You normally hear about a high end sports car or even a Ford Bronco running from the police. Although this time it was just a little Fiesta ST.

The car only weighs 2700lbs and makes 197hp stock. You can see as the car easily scoots around hitting speeds of 110mph. Being lightweight it easily swerves around traffic. At some points the police helicopter loses track of the car.

The driver of the Fiesta ST stopped in a parking lot during the pursuit until police finally caught up. Eventually the helicopter had to call of the chase do to the marine cloud.

The driver was eventually arrested at his residence in Rancho Palos Verdes. It was believed that he was intoxicated. So now on top of a DWI he has a whole slew of charges headed his way.

Side note, I own a Fiesta ST and have to say there is a reason people use these cars in the UK to commit crimes. They are quick and light which makes escaping the police easier. If you ever have a chance to drive one you should definitely get behind the wheel. Let us know what you think in the comments below!

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