Police pursue some car jackers. They reach speeds of 100+MPH in a Ford Edge [Video]

Running from police is stupid in any situation. You may be able to outrun a car but you can’t outrun the radio. You might manage it on a bike but we wouldn’t suggest it. A couple car jackers tried to evade the police on a 100+MPH chase.

Police got a report of a vehicle theft nearby. An officer got the information of the vehicle. It turned out to be a stolen Ford Edge. The officer who was parked waiting on the side of the road located the suspect and began pursuing them.

They easily reach speeds of 100+ MPH. The Edge exits the highway a few times to try to escape. The chase last for a while even with the Ford Edge almost spinning out a few times. As they speed through a small village officers ahead lay spike trips which disables the vehicle. The Ford Edge ends up crashing in a ditch. Check out the whole pursuit below!

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Source: Just a Car Guy Blog

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