Discovery Channel Diesel Bros. fined $850,000 for removing emissions systems off trucks

The Diesel Bros who are on a Discovery Channel TV show have been fined by a court for violating they Clean Air Act. The fine totals $850,000! The judge decided that because the Bros had removed emission systems off their own and customer vehicles they violated the act.

The federal judge stated that David “Heavy D” Sparks, Joshua “Redbear” Stuart and Keaton “The Muscle” violated the act over 400 times. Because of this they have harmed the environment. The group has also been banned from removing emissions system parts from any vehicles.

In 2016 the President of Universal Home Picture Entertainment filed a complaint. The President who is named Dr. Brian Moench stated that the Bros were removing emission equipment and spewing extra pollution into the air. He also complained that they were selling cars with the same type of modifications.

Moench has stated,

They’re well known and their calling card is dismantling diesel control devices for trucks…. These are monster trucks that are putting out monster quantities of pollution.

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He also stated that the vehicles that were modified were producing emissions 40 times higher than they would have been stock. What are your thoughts on this? Should they have been fined? Let us know in the comments below!

Source: Fox

3 thoughts on “Discovery Channel Diesel Bros. fined $850,000 for removing emissions systems off trucks”

  1. That bogus. they have only ever advised to keep their trucks modified with FDA approved parts. this should be looked over by several federal investigators in my opinion.


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