Guy damages Mercedes G63 AMG and tries to flee. Karma doesn’t let him slide

Call it Karma, The Golden Rule, You reap what you sow. Whatever you put out into the world there’s a chance you might get something in return. One guy didn’t see things that way. He ran into a Mercedes G63 Wagon and tried to get away. Little did he know that Karma was in hot pursuit.

The driver of a Toyota at one point ran into the Mercedes. He caused enough damage that the G63 owner called the police and requested assistance. The driver of the Toyota decided that he wasn’t going to stick around to get in trouble so he thought he’d drive off.

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The driver of the G63 told the man to stay but he slammed the accelerator and sped forward. He was so in the moment that he didn’t notice that he had a red light. He ended up getting t-boned which permanently disabled his vehicle.

Not only does he had to deal with the damage of the G63, but now he has to worry about the other car and possibly some jail time. If he had just stuck around he wouldn’t have shot himself in the foot. Let us know what you think in the comments below.

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