Nissan 400Z images leaked

If you’ve been keeping up on all of the upcoming cars then you’ve probably seen the new Nissan Z prototype concept. Well, we now have images of what appears to be a Nissan 400Z. The car was photographed in the Nissan’s Tochigi Plant.

While not much is known about where the car is heading you can tell from the look that it matches pretty close to the Z concept. The car in the video has amber turn signals which leads us to believe that this is a US model.

It has sleek headlights and a big rectangular front fascia. The door handles look slightly different from the concept which means they have made some changes since the last we saw the prototype. The car easily resembles its predecessors especially at the rear of the car.

This specific model appears to be automatic. Although we are hoping there is a manual still in the works for those who like banging gears. Overall the car looks sleek. What do you think about the Nissan 400Z? Let us know in the comments below!


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