Dodge is adding a security feature to the Challenger and Charger to deter theft

DId you know that 150 cars are stolen every day? Among that is a good portion of Dodge Chargers and Challengers. There’s nothing like walking outside to an empty driveway where your car was parked.

Dodge recently added a security option which allows owners to use a double verification method to operate their cars.

The CEO for dodge, CEO Tim Kuniskis stated,

“Today, Dodge is launching a new owner-customized ‘double verification’ security system … When flashed into the computer of affected 2015 or newer Dodge muscle cars, the protective software will limit the engine output to less than 3 horsepower, foiling fast getaways and joyrides.”

Tim Kuniskis

The software update will allow the car to have a rev limit of 675RPM. This will essential render the car useless. It’s one thing to have 707hp and have the ability to outrun the cops. It’s another thing if you can barely move at 3hp.

The option for the Dodge double verification is available to certain Challengers and Chargers built in 2015 to 2021. The security features work by adding a layer of encryption to the car’s infotainment system. Owners can contact their local dealers to make an appointment.

Kuniskis states,

“For any car owner, it’s terrible, it’s a hassle and it’s a personal violation. Though statistically rare, car thieves have targeted the high-horsepower Dodge muscle cars, and we want the Dodge ‘Brotherhood’ to know we’re taking quick action and covering their backs.

Tim Kuniskis

Would you use this security feature in your car? If you own a Challenger or Charger are you going to get the update? Let us know in the comments below!

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