A Guy charges his Tesla with solar panels and it works

Did you know that it’s possible to charge a Tesla with solar panels? Whether you own a Tesla or are in the market running out of juice is something no owner ever wants to encounter. What if we told you that your Tesla can be charged with portable solar panels?

Now you won’t get tons of miles by hooking up the solar panel contraption to your car it may be able to get you to a nearby power source. One Youtuber experimented to see if he could charge his car with solar panels and a portable power station.

He starts by placing the Bluetti solar panels on top of the car. The key to getting the most power is making sure that the panels or correctly oriented towards the sun. Things like shade and cloud cover can greatly decrease the amount of power you can draw from the sun.

The solar panels create DC power which is great for some applications. Although to charge an EV you need AC power. The conversion can be done through a BLUETTI Portable Power Station AC200P. This station converts the power from the panels and makes it usable to charge the car’s battery.

Using a bonded cord you can plug in the car’s mobile connector and you can start charging up your EV. While it isn’t the most cost-efficient way to recharge your car it’s still cool to see it can be done. It turns out that he was able to get 7 miles while using the hookup to charge his car. Surely that would at least get him somewhere where he can plug his car into the grid.

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