New Honda NSX vs Tesla Model 3 on a dragstrip. Guess who wins.

If you’ve ever ran on a drag strip you can tell who is going to win based on what they’re running. Yea, there are some sleepers hiding in the shadows but in most cases you can tell which vehicle is going to come out on top.

The owner of this Honda NSX was lining up next to a sleek yet subtle Tesla Model 3. It’s a possibility that he expected it to be a walk in a park. Unfortunately for him he just got walked. The first race was off camera but the Tesla won. The NSX owner probably tried to think of a strategy to get an advantage so he asked the Tesla to race again.

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They lined up for the second time and just like the first the Tesla took the W. After the 60ft the NSX isn’t even visible on camera until the race is over. Although the EVs are the underdog they are sure causing some waves in the racing community.

A youtuber by the name of Mar10 W6 shared the video.

Do you like Electric Vehicles? Maybe they will become the new choice for car enthusiasts.

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