Motorsports girl sells car but warns tire-kickers

For anyone who’s tried to sell anything online you know it can be a daunting task. Whether it’s on Facebook or a classifieds site you always have those people who don’t really intend on buying anything. These people, which are usually called tire-kickers, try to haggle the seller. Well one motorsports mechanic named Laura Jones was asked to sell a car for her younger brother. As a joke she made a Facebook post which she thought was private ended up going viral.

Laura who is from Coventry, UK warned potential buyers about trying to bs her as most tire-kickers do. We took the liberty of shortening the Facebook post but feel free to read the whole thing below. The post goes like this:

“It is a 1.6 tdci (a diesel) – it’s good on fuel – no this doesn’t mean you can throw a fiver in it, break down after 80 miles then ring me saying I lied about the fuel economy – use your noggin.”

“Now then – test drives. You are more than welcome to test drive the car IF you can prove to me you’re insured. By prove, I do not mean your mate McKenzie swearing on his dogs life that he’s got a licence, or telling me you’re insured on every car because your mate’s, uncle’s, goldfish’s, mum’s, nephew owns a garage. What I mean is, I need to see your insurance… end of.”

“So, the car is up for sale for £2750 – that does not translate to any of the following –

. I offer payment plans
. I’ll take £500
. I’ll hold onto it for 3 months whilst you save up your dole money
. I’ll loan you the car with the promise you’ll pay me for it to then have it returned to me by the old bill after it was used for a day light robbery (not my 1st choice for a getaway car I must say)
. Allow you to take it for a 3 day test drive”

After some more odds and ends Laura, who is also a driving instructor continues to let people know that she’s done this before and she’s not putting up with people who just want to waste her time.

As the post continues she talks about people wanting to take test drives. She states,

“Going back to test drives – if you can’t show me proof of insurance, then I am more than happy to take you for a spin in the car. By spin, I mean take it around the block and demonstrate all gears work correctly, brakes work and throttle without any components falling off the car.
If at any point whilst I’m driving, you decide to try and find chav FM on the radio, adjust my mirrors, press any buttons, or god forbid, attempt to speak to me, I will kindly leave you on the side of the road.”

“Last but not least, if you happen to be that absolute k*****r who comes to view the car, realises I’m of the female kind and attempts to tell me how the car is broken in anyway shape or form, I promise to waste a minimum of 50 minutes of your time going along with your lies, purely for entertainment, s***s and giggles, making you think you’re going to get the car for half the price, followed by mid conversation, shaking your hand and kindly telling you to p*** off.

So yep… there you have it. Fiesta. Grey. Diesel. Goes brum. £2,750.”

Believe it or not the car has already sold. Good on her for cutting right to the chase. Have you ever dealt with tire-kickers before? How did you handle them? Let us know in the comments below!

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