A man crashes his new Mercedes C63 AMG


  • • A man crashes his new Mercedes C63 AMG
  • • Tries to show off and makes a fool of himself

Owning your first car can be exciting. It’s something that you worked for and you’re happy that you get to call it your own. Usually you want to share your happiness by taking pictures or driving the car around to your friends and family. There is nothing bad about being excited for this new toy but make sure you don’t lose your wits.

Well a man recently purchased a new Mercedes C63 AMG and lost control. The owner and a passenger were visiting an Auto live event in the Netherlands. After leaving the event the driver decided to show off. As you can see in the video the driver loses control and crashes into a tree. No doubt he’s regretting that mistake. Luckily for him and the passenger they live to learn from that mistakes.

What would you do if you were a witness as this man crashes his new Mercedes?

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