A Colorado bear goes on a joyride

Usually when you hear about a car being stolen you are usually inclined to believe that a person broke into the car and drove off. Other times a thief will take off with items that they can resell. Well the owner of a Subaru SUV was shocked to see that someone had taken off with his vehicle.

Ron Cornelius who is resident of Durango Colorado awoke to to find that the SUV had come down the hill and ran into his mailbox. He and his wife initially expected the vehicle to be part of a robbery. After some investigation they realized that the perpetrator was no other than a bear. The visible bear scat was good evidence to prove their theory.

It is common for bears to get inside vehicles in the area, officials say. The bears have adapted to their surroundings and have learned how to open car doors. Why are the bears searching through cars? Due to early frost black bears have had to look for food in new areas. What better place than a car?

As you can see from the photos the bear totally decimated the car. The steering wheel was ripped off. In addition the radio was pulled out and the rear window was shattered. “It would have taken a human being hours to do what this bear did in a couple minutes,” said Mr Cornelius. It

It is believed that the bear was able to get the vehicle out of gear. This allowed the vehicle to race down the hill and crash. Soon after the bear escaped through the back window.

“Usually, I don’t get up at 5 o’clock unless there is a bear driving a car down the street,” Mr Cornelius said jokingly. What would you do if you saw a bear in your ride?

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