Mercedes C63 AMG driver destroys the rear of his car at a street takeover

Car events can be great if you aren’t making bad choices. Although Street Takeovers have given the car community a bad reputation. I’m all for doing burnouts and having fun but if you aren’t being safe about it something is bound to go wrong.

One street takeover was happening in the hills above LA. In the video, the driver of a Mercedes C63 AMG is doing donuts while roasting the tires. Onlookers try to get as close as they can to film the stunts. Although, as many know people get his all of the time.

The driver roasts the tires enough that a tire blows out and takes out one side of the rear bumper. After a quick tire change, the car is back to doing stunts.

One go-around the car hits a pothole and damages the rear wheel. It doesn’t totally disable the car so they keep going at it. That is until the car royally hits a deeper hole and obliterates the rear wheel and axle.

While it may have been fun for the moment that is going to be an expensive fix. Do you agree with street takeovers? Let us know what you think in the comments!

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