Guy adds a big wing and a fake quad exhaust to his Tesla Model 3

Modifying cars is nothing new. We car guys love changing up our cars and making them into something unique. From wheels to a new exhaust we are looking for that one last mod to make our car complete.

Some mods are purely for looks while other increase horsepowers and make you go faster. One Tesla Model 3 owner wasn’t concerned with going fast but he heavily modified his car. He added a big wing on the back.

In addition, he changed the wheels, got the car wrapped in a chrome green, added some decals, and more. At the rear of the car, he added a quad exhaust which is funny because the Tesla Model 3 is all-electric.

With installed speakers under the body he can use an app to make the exhaust pretty much sound like whatever he wants. While the car looks a little over the top it doesn’t look terrible. What do you think of the car? Let us know in the comments!

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