Heavy Rain in Detroit Michigan causes new Jeeps to be submerged in water at a Stellantis plant

Recently there have been heavy rains flooding many parts of Detroit Michigan. Due to the sheer amount of rain roads and neighborhoods are completely flooded. The storm has left over 46,000 homes without power.

The Stellantis Jefferson North Assembly Plant is located in Detroit and has also been susceptible to floodwaters. The plant is known for assembling the Dodge Durango and other sizeable SUVS like Jeeps.

The water is so bad that many of the vehicles are submerged in water up to their roofs. Most of these vehicles are capable off-road. Some can even tread quite a bit of water. Although, the storm that has pummeled Detroit has proven too much.

A short video shows how mad the flooding really is. It’s always best to avoid driving through water. You never know if your car will become disabled or be swept away by the current.

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